Financed Boilers

Financed Boilers in association with Snug

Home boiler

Don't Waste Money has teamed up with Snug Heating to bring householders a brilliant boiler offer.

Get cosy and lower your heating costs this winter. If your boiler is faulty or more than 10 years old, get in touch - we can replace your old and inefficient boiler with a brand new Zanussi boiler, to keep your home warm and lower the price of your energy bills.


  • Fixed price - no matter how large or small the job, you won't pay more. Customers typically save just under £2K when buying a heating system through Snug - in association with Don't Waste Money - compared to other leading heating companies.
  • Savings every year - Your new boiler could save you up to £500 a year on heating bills compared to an older, inefficient boiler.
  • Easy payment options - Finance your new boiler over 10 years at the low interest rate of only 4.9% - paying nothing for the first 12 months!
  • Help if things go wrong - A 10 year parts and labour warranty on all boilers fitted by Snug and Don't Waste Money, so you won't need to pay for expensive boiler insurance policies.

Why choose Don't Waste Money for your new boiler?

The answer is simple - you'll save more!

Why not start by switching to a cheaper energy tariff? The savings you'll make, combined with lower bills thanks to your new boiler, could cover the cost of the boiler. Plus, there will be no need to pay out for boiler cover - you'll receive this as standard under the Snug warranty. We think you'll agree that it all adds up to a better deal!

We've chosen Snug because we want our customers to get the best service. Snug are members of the Home Insulation & Energy Systems Contractors Scheme, endorsed by Watchdog's Nick Ross.They are one of the largest, most trusted residential heating companies in the UK. Finance is provided by Ikano, so you get great interest rates from a reputable financial provider.

If you could benefit from a new boiler at a brilliant price this winter, get in touch today, we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.