Loft insulation

Would your home benefit from free cavity wall insulation?

Don't waste money can help you stay warm and keep heating costs down. How? It's simple: If you receive government benefits, speak to our advisers today. We'll talk you through everything and - if you qualify - we'll send someone out to take care of everything for you.

Most houses built after 1920 will have cavity walls. These types of houses can benefit from cavity wall insulation. Insulating your home in this way could save you around £250 each year in energy bills.

Why choose Don't Waste Money for your cavity wall insulation?

The answer is simple - you'll save more!

Why not start by switching to a cheaper energy tariff? The savings you'll make, combined with lower bills thanks to your cavity wall insulation, could make a real difference to your household costs. We think you'll agree that it all adds up to a better deal!

Get in touch today. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.