A new generation of energy experts are visiting homes across the UK, empowering households less likely to use online services and helping them understand how to switch their energy supplier and access better deals on their gas and electricity. The face-to-face approach to energy selling has been criticised in the past, gaining a bad reputation during 2011 and 2012 due to mis-selling by the ‘Big Six’ suppliers. However, with more than two thirds of all customers still on expensive Standard Variable Tariffs, it is clear more needs to be done to encourage customers to take back control of their energy bills. Here, Simon Morley of Don’t Waste Money talks about the important role of ‘doorstep switching’ in the fight against unfair pricing.

It’s not what you do…

“People can be wary of receiving an uninvited knock on the door, particularly if they think they are going to be pushed into buying something. That’s why we’ve given such careful thought to the way we do things. When you open the door to a Don’t Waste Money energy expert, you can be confident they’ll provide impartial information, without the hard-sell.

“Our carefully trained team know the value of explaining things in plain English. They aren’t targeted to convince you to sign up to a specific tariff or supplier: instead you will be shown a variety of different products and will have a chance to discuss which tariff is best suited to the way you run your household and manage your bills –  and which will save you the most money.

They’ll also be carrying an iPad – to show in a straightforward and visual way exactly how different tariffs compare and how the calculations are made, and will be happy to help with any questions you might have about reading your meter or contacting your supplier. If there is an energy deal that suits your needs and saves you money, you can add a signature to the ipad to accept the quote and start the switching process there and then, or our team member will leave you with the details. The idea is to give you the knowledge and power to make a choice and be confident about that choice. There really is no catch.

“Khallum [from Don’t Waste Money] was absolutely fantastic, well mannered, not pushy and very easy to understand.”

R.K., by email

Website comparison isn’t for everyone

“The simple truth is, not everyone has the time or inclination to shop around for energy deals online. For some, it might be a case of not having the IT skills, for others it may be a fear of making a mistake during an online process. Whatever the reason, 40% of the population of the UK have never switched energy provider. Many of these will have stayed on expensive Standard Variable Tariffs, usually with Big Six providers, despite having long passed any tie-in period that might have existed on their contract.

“Unfortunately, it is often the most vulnerable people – such as the elderly or those experiencing fuel-poverty – who simply don’t know how to make the switch or are afraid to do so in case they incur unexpected costs. This is where ‘door-step’ switching comes in; it’s an opportunity to have a conversation with someone who really knows their stuff, to check all the details, understand the timescales, and to get the answers to any questions you may have. Your visiting energy expert could even introduce you to options you might not be aware of, like longer-term fixed-price deals or community energy schemes that benefit your local area as well as saving you money.

Reassuring extra checks

Six Step Switching ProcessWe understand that there might be extra questions which come to mind once our team member has left and we want customers to be confident that they’ve made the right decision about switching. That’s why Don’t Waste Money always places a call with new customers shortly after a face-to-face switch has taken place. This call is recorded and will make sure customers have fully understood what they’ve signed up to and are happy to switch. You can see the full process here.

It’s about time energy customers regained their trust in suppliers. The suppliers we work with know that this is best done through clear pricing and great customer service. Here at Don’t Waste Money,  we don’t believe that customers should be lured in with short-terms savings, only to find that their bills rise dramatically as soon as the contract term ends. This is a new era in energy, with customers firmly in the driving seat – we just want to be sure everyone gets the opportunity to access fairer deals.”

If you’d like to request a visit from one of our team, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to help!

Did you know…?

If your energy supplier raises prices, they have to let you know at least 30 days before the change takes place. This gives you a chance to move suppliers without penalty.

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