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Paige Brady - Contact Centre Manager

Paige graduated last year from the University of York. During her degree in Mathematics and Statistics, she found herself surrounded by motivated and hard-working individuals – an experience she was keen to continue:

“It’s great to be a part of the dedicated team here at Don’t Waste Money. I’ve been given the chance to use my problem-solving and people skills from day one. We all have the same goal: to save customers time and money. Each project is completed with enthusiasm and I find that I have real job-satisfaction because of that. We all pride ourselves on providing an impeccable quality service for our customers.”

Khallum McKinley - Sales Manager

Khallum has worked in sales across a number of industry sectors but has seen his career go from strength to strength since joining the Don’t Waste Money team, progressing quickly to a senior position thanks to his experience and motivation:

“The infrastructure here at Don’t Waste Money really enables staff at every level to excel. I feel valued in my role and have been offered brilliant opportunities to forward my career within a relatively short time-frame. The product and the processes in place are a great combination for job satisfaction.”

Curtiss Ormerod - Sales Agent

Curtiss has worked in both sales and coaching - training others in sales, Energysure checks and compliance, before joining the team at Don’t Waste Money:

“The service we offer here at Don’t Waste Money is impartial, so it’s a brilliant opportunity to help people to save money and to protect themselves against price increases. My role allows me to share my knowledge of the energy industry, deregulation, compliance and smart meters. I enjoy having the answers to customers’ questions, being honest and simply turning customers into “fans” of our service. It isn't always about prices - but if there is a saving I try to make it tangible to the customer. It’s most important to address any doubts or concerns they may have.”

Jagvir Garcha - Sales Agent

Jagvir is currently working part time for Don’t Waste Money, whilst studying for a Master of Pharmacy degree. She had no previous sales experience but has enjoyed being able to meet new people and have a positive effect on their lives:

“I love to help people, so my reasons for enjoying this job are simple: I get to talk to people, have fun and explain energy savings in plain English. My schedule with work and study can be quite gruelling at times, but it’s worth it when you feel really good about what you are doing as well as being able to earn money doing it!”

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