Understanding your Bill

Understanding your Bill

Understanding your bill

Account Number

This is your unique and identifiable number used for all communications between you and your supplier, including making payments.

Actual or Estimated

This part of your bill will advise you if the bill has been generated from an ACTUAL reading or an ESTIMATE. If you have a smart reader this will automatically send readings to your supplier, ensuring your bills are always accurate. 

Contact Us

This section will have the clear contact details of your supplier in case you need to make any enquiries about your supply or bill. Please ensure you have your account number when you contact them.

Dual or Single Fuel

If we supply both gas and electricity you will be on a dual fuel, if you have just gas or electricity on its own then it will be single fuel.  

Amount Due

This is the amount due and when the payment is due by, often your payment date and method is shown clearly nearby.

Bill Due

This is the latest the bill can be paid by, Direct Debit (DD) is the easiest way to pay your bill. 


Contact Details

We understand the importance of communication so all contact details for your supplier will be here, along with details of the regulatory bodies if you ever wish to make a complaint. 

Meter Numbers

Your meter numbers will be here, these are unique to you and will be needed if there are any queries regarding your usage.

Bank Giro Slip

For those who wish to pay their bill at the bank or Post Office, a Bank Giro Slip is provided.